Knee Osteoarthritis

Knee osteoarthritis is a common ailment caused by the degenerative process of the cartilage padding (meniscus) which cushions the upper (Femur) and lower (Tibio-fibula) bones of the leg. Wearing out of meniscus is generally  considered irreversible, so far. For details of this ailment, see Arthritis Research UK.


Heredity, age and gender (females) are often cited as predisposing factors for osteoarthritis. However, obesity is the major known cause of excessive strain to the meniscus, leading to its wearing out. Knee joints bear the entire load of the body above them. Imagine a person carrying a pail (10 litre) of water throughout the day, wherever he/she goes. That is precisely what a person, who is 10 kg overweight, does. What about those who carry even more body weight!  Carrying heavy loads as well as strained treading of bicycle, too are among the factors that can wear out the meniscus.


1. If you are overweight, which is often caused by obesity, do shed your excess body weight by all means. You will succeed in doing so without side effects if you start doing what is suggested under ‘Obesity’ in this website. Please click here to reach that page.

2. Do not:

  • carry heavy loads regularly
  • stay on your feet for long periods
  • bicycle uphill regularly
  • tighten your exercise bicycle too hard

Treatment: Consult your doctor

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