Overcoming Prejudice

Prejudice is either your partiality towards someone or your preconceived negative notion against someone. Both of these can lead you to make biased decisions and take wrong actions. Making generalizations based on insufficient data, too, is prejudice. Objects of prejudice often include age, gender, colour, physical fitness, ethnicity, nationality, religion, wealth, education and language. Prejudice blinds your internal eyes to the truth. The result of prejudice when put into action is loss of productivity, business failures, hate crimes, unwanted wars and endless suffering. Prejudice can negatively impact the lives of children at home and in school.

Dealing with prejudice

One way to effectively deal with prejudice is to put yourself, your children, siblings, spouse, parents or your close friends in the place of the person/group with whom you are right now negatively disposed because of your prejudice.

Click here to read some truly inspiring and positive thoughts towards overcoming the power of prejudice, written by the famous author Beth Moore.

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