Overcoming Pride

The form of pride discussed here is the one implied in ‘Pride before fall’. It is the feeling of superiority that we may experience when we believe that the entire credit for our beauty, intelligence, strength, status, prosperity or achievements goes to ourselves. So we become puffed up, boastful, arrogant, and contemptuous.

This form of pride is harmful to the person who has it, and hurtful to others; and may alienate him or her from friends and reality. Those who have true love for others do not become proud and puffed up. Let us look at a simple illustration to discern why we should not become proud and puffed up. Read on.

Imagine you are the latest model of an expensive sports car just rolling out of the assembly line. Can you boast, “Wow, look at me: beautiful aerodynamic body, gleaming shades of paint; and my power, man, I can reach 100 km speed in 3 seconds flat! I am truly great.” If you reflect a little, you dumb car, you will know that the credit actually goes to those who designed and manufactured you. If they did not create you, you would be only worth the weight of the material you are made up of.

In the same way, none of us, humans, should get puffed up and become arrogant for any reason. Whatever beauty, strength or intelligence that we may possess are only a tiny fraction which the Creator is sharing with us from His abundance. Left to ourselves we are nothing. God who created you and me has also given certain talents and opportunities to each one of us, which we have been able to use. The credit goes to the Creator. Therefore you should give glory to God, not to yourself.

A fine human example for ‘Pride before fall’ was the Syrian emperor Nebuchadnezzar-II who built the Hanging Gardens, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. When he became too proud and boasted about his royal dwelling place, he was cast out by God into the woods for seven years and he became like a wild ox, eating grass until he realised his folly. Therefore the next time you do something smart, or when you see your beauty in the mirror, or when people praise you for some of your talents and achievements, give glory and honour to God (who made you that way) and thank Him for what you are. Then you will be truly blessed.

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