Soul Picture JPG 2 cropped with text JPGAs discussed elsewhere in this website, human beings are made up of a physical body and a soul; and that the soul comprises mind, emotions, intellect, free will and conscience. The components of soul are intricately interwoven into the body in order to facilitate life on earth, which (life) is subject to the elements of the earth and the physical laws. The body and soul, being an interactive whole, are hard to take apart as long as the body is alive.

Difference between Soul and Spirit

‘Spirit’ is a word that is often used vaguely to mean many things such as the physical life, soul, conscience, emotions and apparitions. In order to be precise in our thoughts we also need to be precise in defining the word ‘spirit’. (The use of this word for non-living things such as vapour or alcohol is not discussed here)

Spirit is different from soul. Spirits are of two types, the Spirit of God and Evil Spirit.

The free will, which is exercised through the mind, can opt either to invite the Spirit of God to indwell in us (the soul) or to yield to the evil temptations of the world, thereby allowing the Evil Spirit to rush in (uninvited) and rule over us (our soul).

In death, our earthly body perishes, but soul does notThe soul, which is powered by mind, lives on, and will receive just reward in heaven for the person’s conduct during his or her physical life on earth. The reward will be joyful for those who have invited the Spirit of God to indwell in them and have acted upon God’s promptings.

The human soul, though eternal, can relate to God and to God’s kingdom only when renewed by the Spirit of God. For this purpose, we must seek and find eternal life with God when we (soul) are still in our physical body with our mental faculties intact. As Paul wrote, we are the temple of God because God has said, ‘I will dwell in them and walk among them. I will be their God, and they shall be My people”.

Our life on earth is a wonderful gift and an awesome responsibility. We can either squander it or use the way intended by our Maker.

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