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Dear reader,

You have not arrived at this site by pure chance. You will know why, as you read on. And you will never regret that you stepped in.

You are a special being on planet earth; certainly not an animal with a higher mental capacity as some seem to believe. With the unique body and mind that we are empowered with, we can reach the stars or hit the dust by our own making. We have the capacity to either enrich our life and the lives of those around us, or impair our life and the lives of those around us. So why not strive to keep your body and mind in perfect condition? You can certainly do that because you have the free will to make morally right or wrong choices, unlike animals. 

This non-profit website has been launched specially to assist you in your own efforts to enrich your precious life on earth and beyond. We do not seek any donation.

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What is the relevance of this website?

People were healthier

Let me take you back to the 1950s, when I was in primary school in a small village in southern India. People of the area ate plenty of hand-pound, and used non-refined coconut oil for most forms of cooking. And they had plenty of exercise without going to any gym. The occurrence of diabetes, blood pressure and heart ailments was not common, then. My father was a medical practitioner there; and I remember him treating only one diabetic patient, and that too Type One, which is rare. Most ladies delivered their babies without medical intervention.

But the situation changed drastically in less than half a century. Diabetes, blood pressure and heart conditions are the common topics of discussion these days. And many ladies and their guardians do not give a second thought to signing up for a Caesarean section. What is ailing the modern society?

Modern medical miracles

As for diseases there is considerable progress in controlling many infectious diseases such as diphtheria, polio, whooping-cough, malaria, typhoid, tuberculosis and cholera, thanks to steep advancement in medical science. The medical profession is doing laudable service in handling these ailments.

But shouldn’t we, the general public, too, do our part in both prevention as well as management of diseases so that the doctors can do their part more effectively when and where needed?

Must we leave everything to the doctor?

Although ears, eyes, teeth and throat are very important for life we do not seem to pay much attention to them until problems creep in and we rush to the doctors for damage control. Our hearing power is diminishing. Spectacles and contact lenses have become ever so common.  Dental problems continue to vex people except that tooth extraction has been reduced thanks to advancement in tooth filling technique and root-canal treatment. Sore-throat has become a common occurrence. Ophthalmologists, ENT specialists and dentists do great service to young and old.

But what about our role? Should we leave everything to the physicians or do our part so that our ears, eyes, and teeth may last longer and require less attention from the physicians?

What about healthy food, good eating habits and proper personal hygiene practices, which can reduce your medical appointments?

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Importance of mental health

Health includes mental health as well. Psychosomatic ailments have become a major problem of the modern times. What can be done to prevent these ailments? When must you visit a psychiatrist?

Since a healthy mind is indispensable for a healthy body, certain emotions and evil passions such as inferiority complex, prejudice, anger, jealousy and lust, which can burn you down, must be overcome at all costs. But do we pay due attention to these aspects? 

Don’t good personal habits help make a better human being?

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What is love? All youth know it. Or do they? Is everything that we refer to by this magic word really ‘love’? Even mature adults are often fuzzy about it. These are some of the vital questions that are discussed in this website.

The Teen challenge

How are teenagers dealing with the challenges that are rocking them in this electronic age? How can they optimize this wonderful period of their life? 

Other important aspects of life, which are also given pertinent coverage, comprise marriage, pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood including bringing up children of all ages.

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Body, mind and soul

What about the enigmatic body-mind-soul connection, which sets apart humans from animals? This aspect finds an important place in this website; and the readers are led to some interesting reading. Since we humans have a soul that is eternal, it is in our own interest to comprehend the interdependency of body, mind and soul, and our relationship with God and fellow humans, in a realistic perspective.

Purpose of living

Even when our body and mind are in good condition, many people seem to live without a sense of purpose in life and end their lives either with frustration or with no positive contribution to the fellow humans. The website gives an insight into the purpose of each one’s life on earth. 

I am of the view that the time you spend on this website will be a worthy investment for your life. You may select the topics of your interest from the menu bar on top of this page. If you have any testimonials, comments or questions, after visiting this website, please click Contact information and select the category under which you may wish to communicate with us.

Now let me step aside so you may walk through and explore. Wishing you the very best,

Yours sincerely,

Robert B Grubh

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