Mind and Emotions

What is Mind?

Mind is a major component of Soul. It works through the brain to make decisions and to command the body to execute the decisions. In other words, the decision-making process takes place within the brain, which then sends the decisions as electric impulses to various parts of the body through the motor nerves. In making any particular decision, the mind takes into consideration various inputs that are continuously received from the body, the emotions, the intellect, and the free will that has recourse to the Conscience. Reflex actions are not included in this discussion.

Mind, emotions, intellect and free will are intricately interwoven into the body (brain) in order for us to undertake life on earth, which is subject to the influence of the elements of the earth and the physical laws. All these constitute an interactive whole, which is hard to take apart as long as the body is alive.


Any form of feeling that leads a person to actively experience pleasurable or non-pleasurable state of mind (not body) is an emotion.


Any form of emotion that wells within you, can become a passion when it reaches a high intensity.  Passions are strong and hard-to-control emotions. Passions that are aimed at persons can be beneficial or harmful, depending upon whether these are good passions or evil passions.

1. Good Passions

Good passions include various kinds of healthy intense attractions towards persons, animals, inanimate things, a cause, services or an artistic or scientific activity. For examples of good passions / emotions towards fellow humans, go to the pages dealing with Love

2. Evil Passions

Evil passions comprise extreme forms of anger, jealousy, hatred and lust, all of which could spell harm not only to the persons at whom these may be directed, but also to the persons within whom these passions well up. Persons who give in to evil passions are harmful to the society.

Overcoming Evil passions

Overcoming evil passions is possible. For discussion on how to overcome some of these evil passions, you may visit each of the following pages in this website.

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