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The founder and author of this website, Dr Robert B Grubh, is one among you, a fellow human, who wishes to provide a window for you to view some of the opportunities to keep your body and mind/soul in good order, so that you can lead a physically healthier life, mentally more fulfilling life, and spiritually a life that makes peace with God and fellow humans so that when the time comes to quit this body and face God, you will have no regrets or fear.

RBG & SRG IMG_0062 RBG & SRG cropped more GIF smallerDr Grubh, hailing from southern India, was born into a family of physicians, teachers and servants of God. Having experienced, both personally and vicariously, various types of diseases and other medical conditions, pains, traumas, mental and physical sufferings, and  emotional conditions, he finds it easy to empathize with human sufferings and sense of hopelessness. He has a strong urge to do his mite in helping fellow humans, irrespective of gender, age, race or nationality, to strive for a healthier body and mind/soul.

His educational and professional background as a zoologist, specializing in ornithology and nature conservation, has contributed much to the rational thinking and striving for accuracy of facts evident throughout this website.

His wife Shailaja Grubh supports this endeavour whole-heartedly and is one of the invaluable in-house resource persons for preparing this website. Together, they strongly believe that each human being is a temple of God; hence it is our duty to keep this temple in good order, to be used by God to fulfill His plan for our life on earth. This website has been created with that core principle in mind.

The material provided here under various heads and subheads was prepared by the author using his own knowledge and the information obtained through extensive review of latest published literature and expert opinions. The website is being updated periodically.

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