Overcoming Lust

What is lust?

The definition of lust in the present context is sex-related. It is the carnal attraction towards another person with implicit and explicit intention to use that person for his/her sexual gratification without caring for that person’s welfare or happiness. This attribute has nothing to do with love. The main intention of this person towards the other is to fulfill his or her sexual urge. Lust is Eros at its worst.

What could happen to that person as a consequence of the lustful act is of no concern to the person who performs it. Lust in action include having sex with a person outside wedlock or by coercion or force. News reports of incidents of lust in action are not uncommon: ‘Raped and thrown into well’, ‘raped and murdered’, ‘gang rape’‘unconscious, raped’, ‘boy sodomised’.

Lustful thoughts can flash into anybody’s mind. It is natural. However, if  you nurture lustful thoughts in your heart it may lead you to consider others as mere objects of sex. Immoral sexual relations may appear to give pleasure, but that is only transient and will not give anyone happiness and peace. You might suppress your conscience for a while, but you should know that your action can harm the life of another person and that such actions would lead you to a sad end in this life and damnation in eternity.

How can you overcome lust?

If you are suffering from intense lust and want to overcome it, here is a wonderful remedy that will work for you and for anyone else, too, if taken earnestly.

Go to a quiet place and imagine that person in your mind. Gorgeous figure! Try to see that person as an example of the marvelous creation of God who made you as well. Thank God for creating you and creating that person. Stretch your hands towards that person and bless him/her with all earnestness. Do this repeatedly until the lust that is within you ebbs away. It sure will.

Soon you will find yourself loving that person with a pure form of love that is selfless. Now you are happy for that person; and you care for his or her well-being. Lust is replaced by love. Now you feel you are a higher human being, and feel proud of yourself in the present state of mind. You are the temple of God. So is that person! Repeat this (blessing the person) if lust is aroused again at some other time. Read good biographies. Keep company with good people. God has a special plan and purpose for your life. You will find this truth when you meditate upon the word of God.

My sister, My daughter

Look at your opposite sex as ‘my brother’, ‘my son’, ‘my sister’, ‘my daughter’, ‘my grand-daughter’, as appropriate; and repeat this phrase within yourselves whenever you see them or think of them. And treat them so. When you start doing this earnestly, you will find that you have elevated yourself to a greater height in the society; and now you can start seeing yourself as an achiever rather than a loser in life. Congratulations!

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