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Purpose of childhood vaccinations

Administering Polio Dose Public Domain, Wiki Commons

Administering Polio Dose
Public Domain, Wiki Commons

Vaccines are meant to produce immunity to certain kinds of infectious diseases which are of mild to serious nature. Children are vaccinated these days against several diseases.  WHO strongly recommends vaccination for children.

Adverse reactions

Adverse reactions are not common. However, immediate expert medical advice must be sought on sensing any abnormal reaction after the vaccination. Before giving any vaccination to your child, do check with your doctor what are the normal bodily reactions to any particular vaccine or group of vaccines. A second expert opinion is always beneficial.


Some vaccinations are  mandatory and some other are not, though routinely given and recommended. While you have no choice regarding the mandatory vaccines, you must consult more than one experienced physician and convince yourselves whether you must subject your child to some of the vaccines that are merely recommended but are not mandatory. Get expert opinion from your family doctor whether you can permit your child to be vaccinated when the body immunity is low such as when having fever, during any medical treatment, etc.

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