What is First Aid?

First Aid is what a lay person can and should give to assist a fellow being who has met with a sudden injury or illness or another health-related emergency, and is in need of immediate help even before any professional help can arrive. Often times, timely first aid would save a person’s life or prevent worsening of the consequences of injuries and other physical or mental traumatic processes.

Therefore it is imperative that each of us learn at least some of the first-aid methods and be prepared to use them when the need arises without warning. The recipient could be your near and dear ones, or anyone else within your immediate reach. Ideally, one should undergo a short training session on first aid. However, you will find the information and guidelines given in this website useful in your noble pursuit to make yourself more useful to your fellow beings. Mental health first-aid too is worth learning.

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Burns    Choking    Drowning    Electric shock    Epilepsy fits    Fractures    Childbirth/Labour    Poisoning    Suicide intention    Unconscious  / Fainting

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