About Chikungunya

Aedes_aegypti_CDC-Gathany public domain with textChikungunya is a viral disease transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes of the genus Aedes, which can also transmit some other mosquito-borne viruses such as Dengue. See WWF WWF Factsheet for detailed information on this infection.


1. Avoid being bitten by mosquitos, by mosquito-proofing your windows.

2. Prevent proliferation of  mosquitoes, by emptying water from any open containers left in the open.

3. Car tyres lying around in any position will hold rain water, and this water cannot be easily emptied. Therefore, if you want to keep old tyres out in the open for some genuine reason, you should either cover their open area fully or puncture large holes everywhere so water cannot accumulate in any position.

4. Grow mosquito-larva eating (larvivorous) tiny fishes such as gambusia or guppies in your garden pools or any open accumulation of water, which cannot be emptied, in and around your premises. These larvivorous fishes do considerable service by eating up all mosquito larvae in the water.


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