Childbirth (First Aid)

On the face of it, labour (labor in the US) or childbirth does not come within the purview of first aid. However, it sure does when someone suddenly experiences labour pains at a time and place qualified experts cannot be accessed before labour is well underway. If you happen to be there when this happens, then you must do your part to help her. The first thing to do is not to panic and not to pass on your panic to her.

Know that labour is a natural process and, in most cases, it only needs some basic assistance. How to do this, step by step, can be learned from the following website.

  • WikiHow (How to deliver? Step by step: for information only)

Important note:

Please consider the knowledge gained from the above websites only as valuable information; and refrain from trying them out unless faced with an absolute emergency when no one more knowledgeable than you, particularly medical experts, can be reached in time. Never attempt what only qualified medical experts are permitted to do.

As for the emergency telephone numbers to call for medical assistance, find out and use those numbers that are appropriate to your own part of the world.

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