Suicide intention

Are you planning suicide?     Want to save someone from committing suicide?

Are you planning suicide?

I won’t blame you if you are planning to end your life. It is not your fault. The circumstances have pushed you to take this decision. However, you will definitely not regret reading this page before you go ahead with your plan.

Now take some time off, focus your attention and then continue reading. May be you have already made up your mind and do not wish to change. That is fine, but you will not lose anything by reading this important letter, which is specially written for you.

Let me begin by telling you what God said in this context. It perplexed me first , then I was awestruck by it and finally it humbled me totally, but made me happy. What did God say? Read below.

The first thing God said: “You have been fearfully and wonderfully made“. God Almighty knew you even before you were formed in your mother’s womb. How do I know that? Click here to see how.

The second thing: God hears our cry and sees our tears. Also, even when we have angered God by our misdeeds and he wants to punish us, as a parent would a child, He will not make it too harsh for us to bear it. Click here to read what God said about it.

You cannot say ‘I can’t bear it any longer. I have come to the end of my life’. Actually It is not the end , rather a new beginning with wonderful opportunities to make your existence rewarding and fulfilling to you and to many others who need you in this world, whom you may not even be aware of at this moment of time. 

Know that right now God is not testing you beyond beyond your power to bear it. Also, when you are put to a horrible test like this, God also gives you the strength to endure it, and also provides you with a way out of the present crisis. Yes, He does, if only you do not act in haste. You need to give yourself some time to explore that aspect because you have not looked at it this way so far. Click here to find out that.

What else God tells you? For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. I am not lying, friend. Click here to verify what I just said.

‘Wow, does God have a plan for ME, even at this point of no return?’ Yes, He does. God loves you and wants you to have a new beginning and a rewarding time on earth. It is up to you to accept it or reject it. You (your soul) are kept in your earthly body for accomplishing this plan of God. If you forcibly separate your soul from the body by taking your life in a hurry, you can never get back into the body to accomplish what is expected of you, who are very special in the eyes of God. Do you still want to go ahead with your plan?

Your suicide will not end with you

Your family and close friends will be devastated. Your spouse’s life will be torn apart. Your children will be deeply grieved and the life of the dependent ones may become a wreck. If you are the major bread-winner of the family your disappearance will spell disaster. Your parents will have to live and end their lives in grief. Your friends will miss you for ever.

If you think you will get relief by teaching a lesson to those who hurt you, you are sadly mistaken. They will be impacted all right, but you will find no relief  by that because you have to be in your physical body in order to experience this feeling. If only you opt to solve your problem as a living person, without vengeance or desperation in your heart, you would reap the reward for your wise choice and live a fulfilled life.

Even if you or someone within your immediate family happened to commit a shameful thing and people have come to know of it, ending your life will not take away that shame. Rather, if you live and make amends for it, you will be a living testimony and a source of inspiration for many. Nobody is perfect except God.

If someone dealt with you shamefully, do not sink into self pity and depression and try to end your life. It is not your fault. You can come out of it; and also be a comfort to numerous others who have gone through similar situations and are in desperate need of good counselling. Who knows, it could be God’s plan to take you through these dark valleys in order to make you a leading light, which you could have quenched, had you acted in haste. Many great and successful men and women have gone through what you have been and worse.

If you lost a job or your spouse/friend, or are overburdened with debt, and plan to take away your life, you are not only foolish but also selfish. You are leaving in the lurch your beloveds who depend on you or love you. If you also plan to take along with you those who depend on you, that is outright murder of innocent lives. You don’t want to quench those innocent lives, do you?

Instead of trying to end your life, take effort to open your heart to someone in your family or circle of friends or outside, and tell him/her what you are going through and what you plan to do. You will never regret that decision. Situations will change for the better after a while; and then you will know how great a blunder you were about to commit today. Give a second thought to ending your life. It will be a one-way journey from which you can never come back.

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Now that you have opted to live (Praise God!), you may wish to leave a testimony that would certainly encourage others in similar situations, please click Your testimonials. If you have a confidential question or you wish more information, feel free to use the column Your questionsI would appreciate it.

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Want to save someone from committing suicide?

Those who plan to end their lives are normal people but go through very rough times in their lives. They feel they have reached the end, and that there is no way their misery can end except by quitting this life. They do not know that their problem will not be solved by ending their life on earth but will follow them into the next world, too. They also, in their haste, do not realise that they will be leaving a total mess behind them. They need to be helped out of this dire situation, now!

They are beautiful people in the sight of God and they have a lot to do in this world before their time comes to go, finally. And you may be in a position to help them see God’s important plans for their precious lives. The following websites have excellent tips for those interested in counselling fellow humans who have suicide intentions. May God richly bless you.

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