Cervical Cancer

What is it?

Cervical Cancer is a female disease, affecting the cervix, and the prognosis can be bad unless given timely medical attention. You will find additional information about this disease in several sources such as,

Cervical cancer is different from Uterine Cancer, which is also called womb cancer or endometrial cancer. Uterine cancer affects the lining of the inner wall of the uterus. Canadian Cancer Society gives a detailed account of uterine cancer.

Causes of Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is caused by a few forms of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which are transmitted by males. Ladies, pay attention to this. Not adhering to strict personal hygiene by your spouse through ignorance or negligence leads to transfer of this virus into your body, which may cause precancerous lesions that lead to cancerous growth and manifestation of this disease.

According to a recent WHO report, cervical cancer has taken the lives of approximately 270 000 women during the year 2012 alone. And yet, all those ladies died largely because of the men with whom they had sexual relation. And most of the infection could have been prevented if only the men had been careful.


Gentleman must make sure to follow strict personal hygiene. If you truly love your spouse, you must be disciplined, not careless and irresponsible. You can save your beloved from contracting cervical cancer if YOU follow this basic discipline.

Lady, if your spouse does not follow strict personal hygiene or if you are doubtful about his cleanliness, and if he does not heed your request to clean himself properly before coming to you, know for sure that he loves only himself. Let it be known to you that in the event of your getting infected with one of the serious sexually communicated diseases like this, it will be your cross to bear, and you will have to undergo a painful life even if you survive the disease.

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Better Hygiene Can Reduce Cervical Cancer Rates

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